he Giant Mountains and Czech Paradise

Bělá, a village situated in the charming valley of the Oleška River, is the ideal starting point for trips to two attractive areas in the Czech Republic: The Gaint Mountains and The Czech Paradise.

If you choose not to go by car, you can travel by train. There is a train line from Trutnov to Chlumec nad Cidlinou or from Liberec to Hradec Kralové. The distance to Prachovské skaly is only 25 kilometers and to Vrchlabí it is just 20 kilometers from here. If you want to make your children happy, then the ZOO-Safari in Dvůr Králové nad Labem (around 30 minutes by car). It is the perfect place where to spend free time together. To see some of the most beautiful places, you do not have to go to either Czech Paradise or the Giant Mountains, because when you decide to go in whatever direction - to Paka, Jilemnice, or Lomnice - you will discover that in every village you can find plenty of old log-cabin cottages of the Krkonoše foothills style with carved gable ends. You will think that you are in some forbidden area, but don't fret. Most of these buildings serve as recreational facilities or they are used as residential housing. The mildly undulation terrain is suitable for cyclo-tourism, which is becoming even more and more popular. If the journey, to Kruh u Jilemnice for example (where you can find one of the biggest log-cabin buildings) seems too difficult for you, then you can also find something special in Stará Paka as well - log-cabin cottage number 22. It dates back to the 18th century, when it was used as the first school in the area, opening in 1790. Today the repaired building is the "center-piece" adornment of the village. Bělá is included in the Pojizeří micro-region, whose headquarters is situated in Benešov u Semil. People from this area always take part in cultural and regional activites and events. There is a cycling trail that goes through this micro-region. The well marked and maintained trail runs through Košťálov, Bělá, Nová Ves and Klepanda. In the village of Bělá, you can find wonderful refreshments at "U Dubu" restaurant. During the winter season you can try your hand at cross-country skiing on the newly established trails that are maintained by Jilemnice and Nová Paka. The trails start at Kruh, runs through Svojek, Bělá, Nová Ves, Syřenov and end at Klepanda. But there is only one condition, there has to be enough snow :) So, our motto is: "you are welcome" :)

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